Hovering between Tiepolo’s skies and the vibrant colours of the Caribbean Sea, between Central European culture – with its introspective torment – and emotional abstract art: the colours are symbols, representing emotions in space.

To introduce Liz Milan’s works of art, the emotional element in her paintings should be emphasised from the very beginning. The emotional tension develops according to the artist’s peculiarities and implies continuous research and refinement.

The painter’s eclecticism develops almost inevitably from metaphorical twists and turns, to become fully conscious of the here and now. Striving to create contemporary works of art capable of expressing the deep meaning of life, while overcoming the hectic pace that modern society imposes on us, Liz Milan adopts a fusion of ancient and modern art. She blends age-old techniques, such as gilding, pigments and varnish, with bright acrylic colours for abstract painting. She employs unusual materials, including pieces of glass, agates, stones, sands, collages, gold and silver foil. This technique gives a three-dimensional flavour to her vivid paintings, where all shades of blue are predominant: deep, rich hues, bright cobalt and fascinating turquoise are applied as pigments and fixed on canvas.

A fond diver, she loves the sea and its elements. In the last few years she has been active in promoting awareness of the need for an eco-friendly lifestyle, especially in showing great respect for the marine environment. Her collection of shells, corals, unusual and curious objects from her travels, a sort of Wunderkammer, a collection of wonders, is a source of inspiration. Like Renaissance artists, she is versatile and connects painting, restoration and history of art in her work. Most of her paintings feature a reference to underwater life and its inner harmony. It is a reworking and interiorising of the changing nature of the water element, to catch a fleeting visual suggestion that she recreates in her own unique style. This style fascinates and conquers those who watch her works, and conveys the whole gamut of emotions and feelings that belong to Liz Milan’s inner world.

The daughter of a well-known Friulian sculptor, Liz started out in the family’s studio and was almost bound to follow in her father’s footsteps. She took a degree in History of Art at the University of Udine with a dissertation on Alice Dreossi, the first woman to attend the Academy of Art in Venice in the 20th century. Venice has been a standard feature in the life of the artist, who then graduated from Venice’s International Art University to become an art restorer specialising in ancient and polychromatic paintings and gilded full-relief sculptures.

She has worked side by side with her father Roberto to restore the wood carvings in the Cathedral of Udine, antique wood furniture at the Monte di Pietà in Udine as well as several public and private art collections. In particular, she restored paintings at the contemporary-art museum Casa Cavazzini in Udine, and discovered the artists’ signatures on two large paintings from the 17th century: Gregorio Lazzarini, Tiepolo’s teacher, and G.B. Bissoni. She also works as a tourist guide, to offer a comprehensive and memorable experience to all visitors. Her wish is to let people discover and understand the history and art of her home region and of nearby Venice.

Since 2008 she has worked with art galleries in the US to promote her father’s works of art. She visited art galleries in Miami FL, Laguna Beach CA, Denver CO, Aspen CO and Dallas TX.

She exhibited her works of art at: Embassy Caffè, Cortina d’Ampezzo (Italy), winter 2016-17; Portopiccolo (TS-Italy), summer 2017; Swag Art Gallery, Dallas (TX), summer 2017, Coconut Grove Art Gallery & Interiors, Miami (FL) 2017-18.